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4th Dec 2017

The wine room; somewhere to hide if the Christmas party becomes too much!

With the party season well underway we thought this would be the perfect excuse to revisit one of our favourite projects from the last 12 months. This made to measure wine room manufactured with solid oak countertops, was an enjoyable undertaking for both the designer, workshop and fitting team.

So how would someone use a wine room and how can it enhance your Christmas at home? Let us set the scene…

It’s the 15th December. Decorations are up, mistletoe above the door, Christmas cards are written and in the post, turkey has been ordered. You have hand selected your wine to accompany a meal you have been toiling over all day, including a rather cumbersome beef wellington (who put that on the menu!?)

The evening is going smoothly, guests are mingling, the food is going down a treat, and no one has an inkling about that first batch of burnt mince pies. You can feel the warmth of a delicious pinot noir spreading and releasing the tensions as all your hard work and preparation has paid off.

For a moments peace the wine room is the perfect snug to disappear into when the kitchen is getting too crowded. Take a special guest through tales of discovery as you journey along the oak veneer cross section racking which holds your impressive wine selection and all the memories that accompany your collection.

Hand painted in Farrow & Balls dramatic Downpipe Grey, a dark lead grey that has definite blue undertones to it, which deepen the complexity of the finish and warm the space. Hardware and lighting from London-born fashion label Buster + Punch accentuate the moody atmospheric feel of what could have been a forgotten nook and becomes one of the most treasured corners of your home.

Now where did you put the Port?

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