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17th Nov 2016

The Science of Tribes - Mitsui SLEEP SET 2016

Classic English heritage meets Japanese tradition: A serene meeting of luxury tipped connoisseurship with sensory steeped fulfillment.

Once again Barr Joinery have been commissioned by an internationally renowned design house to manufacture and build a creative masterpiece ‘SLEEP Set’.  Based on the premise that BarrJoinery ‘can make anything’ and their core value of ‘attention to detail’ Tokyo based Misui Designtec, one of the largest interior design companies in Japan, placed their trust and confidence in the Oxfordshire based joinery company.

The Sleep Event, which takes place at the Islington Design Centre on 22nd-24th November, is an exhibition showing the best of the International Hotels industry.  The Sleep Set is the Event Showpiece. Each year five design houses are challenged to create a fantasy hotel room, based on the same over-arching theme - but each evoking its own individual brief.

BarrJoinery were recommended by Joel Butler, of UBM (The Sleep Event organisers) after the successful manufacture and build of the winning set of the 2015.  Shinishi Mitsuki (Mitsui Designtec’s General Manager) along with his design and marketing team, met with BarrJoinery Director Josh Hudson back in September, to discuss turning their vision into reality. 

Prior to this the five design houses had been summoned to a Sleep Set Round Table at the London HQ for a discussion with Sinus Milieus, the institute behind this year’s Science of Tribes theme. Individual tribe based gauntlets (Established, Intellectual, Performer, Digital Avant-garde and Sensory Oriented) were assigned.  Each cohort challenged to design and build a hotel experience sympathetic to the beliefs, lifestyles and aesthetic preferences of society's tribes. The design teams proceeded to immerse themselves in their assigned tribes, planning their room concepts and beginning their Sleep Set design journey.

Designing for the status-conscious ‘Established Tribe’, Mitsui Designtec set about creating a guestroom experience offering everything money can't buy, fulfilling emotional satisfaction and addressing all five senses:  ‘Our journey aligns heritage and connoisseurship with all the senses. Flowing water, wavering lights, a breath of air, the rhythms of life. The destination is internal fulfillment and emotional connection’

Each intriguing element of the finished Mitsui Sleep Set has been manufactured and mocked up at the BarrJoinery workshop - ready for a seamless build on site at the weekend.  After watching the set grow, piece by perfectly made piece, we can’t wait to see the finished ‘Established Tribe’ Set.

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