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30th Aug 2018

The Road to Decorex 2018, A Collaborative Process

At BarrJoinery we pride ourselves on being able to take something that starts as an idea and make that a reality. Whether it be a client who comes to us with an image from Pinterest or an interior designer with late-night scribbles on the back of a cereal box, we can take you from conception through to completion, no matter what the brief. 

With this years Decorex exhibition we wanted to take a really collaborative approach to the build and design process. Utilising the collective expertise across The Barr Group to make sure that we manufacture something that is both technically and aesthetically of the highest quality. 

The first stage was to hold an initial design meeting, (as we would with any client with a high specification project,) hosted in the interior design pod. This was to get some peace from the bustling office but, sitting at eye level with the farm of which we share a site, the nosy young calves couldn’t help themselves but amble over for a first look at the design. 

Josh and his team worked closely with senior interior designer Rachele Bowley bouncing ideas and, as always, there was much debate and going off on tangents. Despite what may seem a chaotic too and for a clear design concept emerged from the creative collective. Mood boards are then collated and initial drawings put together ready to go over to the senior cabinetry designer to do manufacture drawings. 

Decorex Mood Board, Basalt, Brass, Caesarstone  Decorex Second Mood Board, close up of armac martin handle in antique brass

Dark blue, being the BarrJoinery colour, was a starting point alongside a love of mixing materials and finishes. Brass has a soft, warm and timeless quality, therefore, this was the only choice for the metal detail on the stand. From handles by Armac Martin to a wall mounted tap from Aston Matthews brass is touched upon throughout the design. Quartz worktops inspired by natural marble, with dramatic veining were also selected. Durable and versatile, this material is our go-to worktop when specifying for cabinetry designs and also for sister company BarrKitchens. Graphic dark blue fabric, specified by Rachele, adds some luxury and a soft texture in the space. Provided by the talented Eleanor Pritchard, we think this is the perfect addition to the dressing room area of the set. Josh’s influence can be felt throughout the design, from his love of male grooming (his enviable beard as well known as he is himself) and of music are both incorporated; he is the driving force behind the BarrJoinery team and his vision continues to push us in ever more challenging and exciting directions. 

third Decorex Mood Board, shot from above with raw timber floor boards included

A meeting with Sian Parsons, senior designer at John Cullen lighting, use their expertise to carefully detail out and plan every angle, shadow, glare and glow to showcase our intricate cabinetry in its very best light!

James Knight on the phone

It is at this point in the design process we turn to James Knight, senior cabinetry designer, who is able to take concept drawings/ideas and transform them into something that has the detail, form and function we expect of every bespoke piece of cabinetry. Designing internal joinery that is technically achievable, encompassing every element from the interior designers to lighting planners and also delivered to budget, always a top priority for any discerning client.

Wood Store Image Wood Store 2

From James’s manufacture drawings our workshop team, led by Sam Eeles, get to work flexing their experience and skills to brilliant results. Over the next three weeks, what starts as timber boards and rough material undergo a thorough transformation being carefully measured, cut and honed until we will be ready to install in the days running up to the 16th September.

We hope to see you there at stand H37 to join us in celebrating the art of beautiful design and bespoke cabinetry.

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