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4th Oct 2019

Tackling Climate Change; Mayfield Barn leads the way with national low carbon project award win.

On the same Friday that millions of young climate change voices took to the streets, in cities across the world, the Barr Group were delighted (and humbled) to win the National Low Carbon Build Project at the Federation of Master Builders biannual awards. The project in the spotlight, Mayfield Barn, was the result of the combined efforts of the Barr Group and an extended team of specialist collaborators.

Sustainable sourcing, manufacture and build is nothing new for the Barr Group. Back in 2004, Stuart spent some time at the renowned welsh Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) where he studied the equivalent of their current ‘Low Energy Buildings’ course. It was CAT who introduced the organisation to the fundamentals of sustainable build. Since then the StuartBarr CDR directors have worked hard to build sustainably wherever possible and, as a result, the company’s ever-growing teams have been lucky enough to gain a valuable armoury of eco-build experience. (For more information on CAT see footnote).


The Federation of Master Builders biannual awards honoured Barr Group builds with wins in both the 2017 and 2019 Low Carbon Project Category. These achievements were in no small part down to start given by CAT. 

Mayfield Barn was the 2019 FMB National Low Carbon Project winner. The FMB judges gave the following accolade “this was a highly collaborative build between expert clients and a true Master Builder, where both parties shared a passion for sustainable construction. Despite the challenges associated with retaining the base and framework of the original structure, environmental considerations at Mayfield Barn remained paramount throughout the project. The result is the creation of a truly sustainable family home for decades to come.” To read more about this award, click here.

“Aiming to create two separate but complementary family homes, with their own special character and specifications, StuartBarr CDR Ltd worked closely with their highly environmentally conscious clients to put together an effective eco-build despite planning restrictions, which prevented true PassivHaus standards being reached”.

The FMB went on to say: “StuartBarr CDR Ltd endeavoured to maximise the recycling of reclaimed materials from the initial demolition and thereby minimise Greenhouse gas emissions from new manufacturing and subsequent transportation. The team also worked to make the new build as airtight as possible and implemented the very best eco-technology, heating solutions and waste disposal facilities. The team tackled the challenge posed by cold bridges in the concrete and steel frame of the building by adding an extra 50mm of insulation and a high-quality vapour control layer around the affected areas”.

According to Stuart, Barr Group Director, in build terms, the key to reducing the carbon footprint of Mayfield Barn was to make it super airtight. We were delighted to receive recognition for this build, but the credit really goes to our clients, who relentlessly pursued and prioritised eco-factors. We were privileged to build for them and as always learned so much through the process.

Footnote: CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change. Central to its work is the CAT Zero Carbon Britain Research Project, which shows that a modern, zero-emissions society is possible using the technology available today.  The report shows that one of our key areas of focus must be the energy consumption of our homes. Green build, using the increasingly available and accessible technologies in both newbuilds and retrofit/ renovations is fast becoming not just a consideration but a responsibility for each and every homeowner. The research, expertise, support and campaigning of institutions like CAT are playing a huge part in making this happen.

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