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5th May 2016

Specialist Trade Meets Specialist Trade

Many of our bespoke joinery commissions require specialist elements and keep us on our toes with innovative sourcing and approved heritage practice. Last years project for Jesus College, Oxford required the utmost attention to detail. Each door way required individual templating and hand crafted detailing to reflect the character of the quad and heritage of the building.  Cylinder blown glass and handcrafted hinges were required to ensure that the bespoke joinery finish was perfectly in keeping.

The London Crown Glass Company specialises in high quality conservation glasses selected from the best of the traditional European craftsman glassblowers and BarrJoinery had the privilege of working with their experts to achieve the required aesthetic.

If you study the facade of any fine, old building you will see at once that original window glass is very special. Old glass distorts the image, reflects, sparkles and flashes in the light to produce an unique, pleasurable and quite fascinating effect.  These reflective qualities add greatly to the personality of old buildings.

Before 1900 most glass was handblown and as a result it was impossible to achieve a perfectly flat product. However skilled the blower, his glass contained some blemishes such as "ream", a small wave or fold in the glass, and "seeds", small air bubbles.  These imperfections are the true characteristics of handblown glass.

For the past forty years the float glass process has resulted in a perfect product whose uniform reflective capacity, when used in a period building, robs it of its personality and sparkle.It is most important, therefore, when restoring period windows that the correct glass is specified.

The London Crown Glass Company is a family business founded by Christopher Salmond, whose family have supplied window glass for four generations from the early nineteenth century. He is available to identify and list original period window glass for clients and to advise on the most authentic handblown glass where replacement is necessary.

BarrJoinery were delighted to be able to work with the London Glass Company - each specialists in their individual fields working together to achieve the perfect finished result.  We would like to share with you feedback from our client:

“… The term “craftsmen” is often somewhat bereft of its true value in the modern era.  However, to my mind, your team have exhibited exemplary craftsmanship in their work and really do justice to the great tradition of craftsmen in demonstrating what can be achieved with skill, expertise and great ability. Superb!

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your heritage joinery project contact BarrJoinery.

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