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23rd Apr 2018

Environmentally Friendly Design, Inspired by Nature - Prague Design Week

At the Barr Group we take inspiration from all over the world and from a vast array of industries. If we think a brand fits with our values and ethos we love to collaborate and incorporate their products in our designs. On 21st to 27th May Prague, one of the most stunning architectural cities in Europe, will host their 5th annual design week. “The City of a Hundred Spires,” known for its old town square with colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the famous medieval Astronomical Clock.

The focus of the entire Prague Design Week seems to be on appreciating and being inspired by nature, something we can very much identify with. Working in harmony with the planet and making products that are environmentally friendly as well as sympathetic to natural forms, materials and textiles is something we hold great value in. The main part of the event is the seven day presentation of 82 designers, design studios, jewellers, fashion designers, artists and art schools. Their exhibitions not only show current work but also the creative process.


Exhibitor stands vary from porcelain workshops to cupcake making. There is also a design cinema offering dozens of short videos not just about the topic of design. It shows the creative process, interviews, concepts, fashion shows, architecture and advertising. Daily lectures will also be taking place where three different designers, studios and companies will let viewers take a peek inside the creative process of their own.

Exhibitors include the out of this world ‘Spacelights’ designer Eva Nečasová (who has been producing these hand-made products since 2011). The author´s authentic interior objects, light installations and 3D printed geometric jewellery are all inspired by nature and fantasy worlds. We particularly love the ‘Into the Woods’ collection of dreamy lighting objects full of night forest mystery. Also exhibiting is ‘Fain Wood’ who create unique handmade display stands. The Fain Wood team collaborated on a new product with designers Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová. Designers have sought inspiration elsewhere than in the shadows of the Šumava forests. The six month crystallization gave birth to sophisticated and unique designs that were, after a long prototyping phase, morphed into precise design products. Textile designer Hana Kroa produces original Czech textile designs, prints on natural materials, who says “All my energy, knowledge and love is invested in discovering how design can best respond to the way we live today. As well as how to be consciously present in a given moment, no matter how small and to live a meaningful life with real connections.”

Sustainable and environmentally sympathetic designs are extremely important to us at the Barr Group. Print company GreenCat said it best ‘Our focus is on an eco-friendly promotion. We insist on an idea that no tree comes down uselessly! Usage of recycled papers, saving techniques and clever formats is self-evident. Therefore there is our new collection called SAVED PAPER. Our hero is recycled paper. You can find many different products made from our hero: trendy green notebook with tips for helping our nature in an ordinary life/ paper shade which can make your home unique/ stylish old-fashioned photo album. This unique collection is filled in surprising examples of usage of different ecological materials.’

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