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23rd Nov 2016

Did YOU go to Sleep? The Mitsui Set massages the Senses.

If you are looking for a fantasy hotel room perfectly suited to your ‘Tribe’ then look no further than the annual hotels Interiors exhibition The SLEEP Event. Josh Hudson, BarrJoinery Director is delighted that his team have once again built and project managed an outstanding design statement SLEEP Set as part of the international Hotel Interiors Exhibition; in 2015 for Shaun Clarkson ID and this year for Mitsui Designtec.

“We are proud to have been able to work with the internationally renowned Mitsui Designtec and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of yet another stunning and unusual build.   The team executed the rebuild on site with ultimate organisation and bulletproof precision.  The Set was looking show perfect by 6pm on Monday evening, giving the guys had time to help some of the other exhibitors to complete their Sets before retiring for a well deserved pint!  Once again I am extremely proud of the team and what, together, we have achieved,” says Josh Hudson, "especially to be awarded a special commendation for quality of workmanship and installation.

The past weeks have been a hive of activity, both in the BarrJoinery workshop and, for the last few days, at the Islington Design Centre.  Monday morning saw joiners, designers and suppliers alike working furiously to complete their masterpieces.  The end game – to create the winning fantasy Hotel Room based on the given theme – the hotel guest ‘Tribes’.

Five international design houses were charged with getting ‘under the skin and into the psyche of their assigned tribe and BarrJoinery had been commissioned to build the “Established Tribe” Set for Japanese Design House Mitsui Designtec.   To read more about the SLEEP event and the SLEEP Set competition click here.

The Mitsui Design Tech Established tribe interpretation was; English gentleman meets Japanese tradition – combining stylish luxury with sensory experience. ‘Our journey aligns heritage and connoisseurship with all the senses. Flowing water, wavering lights, a breath of air, the rhythms of life. The destination is internal fulfillment and emotional connection’ says lead designer So Kobayashi.

In order to fulfill this design statement every aspect of each separate element of the ‘room’ was carefully considered.  Different wood varieties throughout, in a range of finishes added depth and interest.  A dark oak sawn effect floor is zoned using contemporary take on the traditional tatami mat.  The mats are laid in a chequered board formation, allowing bare footed visitors to experience the changing pattern of the weave against the contrasting rough saw timber. The bathroom floor area is separated and finished with loose stones offering the feel and sound of the pebbles beneath each guest’s feet. This combined with a stunning green wall gives the bathing area a feeling of outside within, cleverly making the scalloped oak bath feel like an outdoor spa under the night sky.  The hand carved structure is lit from beneath, exhibiting a built in seat and copper champagne trough for ultimate bathing luxury. 

A handmade walnut wardrobe with an upholstered brushed cotton lining could be straight out of a spy film; one almost expects it to offer up a white tie and tails, laundered and perfectly sized for its James Bond-esque guest.

The Japanese culture places great emphasis on the dark as well as light.  Carefully positioned warm LED lighting draws one into the space making the whole set a luxurious haven from the hustle and bustle outside. Earthy aromas from the preserved moss wall mix with the sent of eucalyptus and lemon grass satisfying the olfactory desires.  Sushi and a glass of fine Japanese whiskey are all that is needed for a complete the sensory experience.

It is easy to understand why an exhibition visitor might stay low to evade the security guards, wait until the intrigued crowds have gone home and the set is dark and silent, before turning on some low lighting, filling the smooth oak bath, playing some soft ongaku (Japanese music), pouring a glass of champagne and relaxing into a gentle massage of the senses. To see more click to the case study.

The Mitsui Sleep Set was built and project managed by BarrJoinery – well done to Lucy 'the sourcer-er Nannery', Duncan 'The Bath' Glenn and the whole BarrJoinery team for making it happen.  A huge thank you also to the following trusted suppliers:

Oak Rough Cut Boards by Artisan Hard Wood Flooring

Lighting by ModulexLighting

Sofa and brass topped side tables by Tom Falkner

Toilet and Wash Basin from Laufen

Bronze mirror and bronze tinted glass from JCL Glass Ltd.

Bed and Bath by BarrJoinery (mattress by Hypnos Ltd)

Wardrobe by BarrJoinery and upholstered by Margan Ltd.

Green wall and cherry tree by Bright Green Landscapers

Table Lights by Chelsom

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