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25th Sep 2018

Cabinetry for the Consummate Gentleman; BarrJoinery indulge in some extravagant self-expression!

The UK's most distinguished interior design event, Decorex International, deserved cabinetry of the highest quality for BarrJoinery’s debut show. 

With that in mind, BarrJoinery set about designing and manufacturing a set that would fulfil the requirements of a most discerning client of our creation. A gentleman who commands respect, with impeccable taste, well travelled, who works hard and whose success, knowledge and passion for life is admired by all those who encounter him. 

Starting with the kitchen set, designed as a space you can show off and entertain in, this is not a man who has the time to cook (or wash up for the matter) so why not have an oak sink?! Solid oak sections have been honed and curved, painstakingly joined together to feel as beautiful as it looks, sitting flush within the Caesarstone worktops in ‘Statuario Maximus’. A marble inspired design featuring broad warm grey veins sweeping across its soft white base colour. This has been lit with a linear strip of warm white LED recessed into an oak shelf.


The entire set lighting scheme was designed and specified by experts John Cullen Lighting. In favour of illuminating only the cabinetry and work surfaces, thus highlighting the BarrJoinery workmanship and creating a moody atmospheric space, a sanctuary away from the harsh lighting of the exhibition. Keep an eye on the BarrJoinery journal where further details of the lighting scheme will be coming soon.


Pantry style kitchen cabinetry, inspired by those seen in the Michelin guide, sit side by side a top of the range Sub-Zero wine fridge. Where carefully selected meats, herbs and garnishes hang, taking our client back to weekends away eating at the finest restaurants. Large dramatic slabs of quartz line the back of the full height pantry units tying the two cabinetry runs together, topped with a black steel frame and oak shelves, giving full height storage, cleverly lit to exaggerate the different finishes. 

BarrJoinery utilised the space, breaking the set into two distinct zones, from a kitchen to a living area, divided by a dramatic take on an island and an exercise in intricate woodwork. Individual solid oak slats sit in line perpendicular to the ground, playing host to another section of quartz, this time in ‘Vanilla Noir’. The ideal place to perch and admire the gentleman’s dressing room to the right of the set.

Inspired by the ultimate gentleman this bespoke dressing room cabinetry takes you right from setting the mood with some well-chosen music, to grooming and dressing, to finishing was a nice tipple in three distinct sections. Not afraid of soft finishes, Eleanor Pritchard fabric has been used to upholster two back panels of the cabinet. This is a gentleman who admires fine craftsmanship down to the very last thread.


Also included in this area are solid oak drawers, individually routed out to house this gentleman’s most treasured and thoughtfully selected belongings. From vintage cut throat razors to a Clements and Church pocket square, to match the gorgeous tailored suit that hangs above. A place for everything where your best reading glasses, hand selected from independent British eyewear designers Wolf, sits next to a favourite belt.

Each cut out was carefully measured and worked by our highly skilled workshop team. Stained in jet black to contrast with the oak which works wonderfully with the rest of the cabinet, finished with the same dramatic contrast throughout. Although used here as an example of the level of attention to detail we can achieve, imagine this used in a kitchen setting or as a way to display a particularly beloved watch collection. This is bespoke internal joinery at it’s finest, where anything is possible.


Please be sure to keep an eye on the BarrJoinery journal where we will be revealing more features of the stand.

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