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18th Dec 2015

BarrJoinery Finally Get Some SLEEP!

After a month of hard work and planning and a BIG WIN the BarrJoinery team finally get some SLEEP!

In September, BarrJoinery were approached by Shaun Clarkson ID, the leading interior design practice responsible for driving the wave of opulent, extravagant interiors of the moment, with an exciting and unusual proposition. Even Josh Hudson, BarrJoinery Manager, (not known for hesitating over a challenging project) took a couple of days (well OK minutes) to jump on board.

SLEEP, the Annual International Hotels Interiors and Architecture Exhibition, had invited 5 renowned interior design companies to design, build and install a fantasy hotel room set at the exhibition, with the aim of inspiring and delighting their visitors.

The SLEEP Set brief this year was to take ‘guests’ on a journey through a wonder tale from the whimsical to the dark underbelly, from the surreal and topsy-turvy, to the calm and restorative. The designers, who were asked to create a fairy tale inspired room, which touched all of the senses, put their hearts and souls into the competition but there could only be one winner... Shaun Clarkson ID.

Click here to view the creations

The Shaun Clarkson ID set design incorporated a 7ft golden egg shower, fantasy cabinetry and a round shell bed! Coralie, Head Designer for Shaun Clarkson ID, was quoted as saying (in her beautiful French accent) “if you are going to do naughty things wouldn’t you want to do them in a round oyster shell bed!”

Back at the workshop a month of hard work and egg jokes ensued; suppliers were asked if they could source a 50ft magic hen (obviously the easiest way to acquire a 7ft Golden egg) but to no avail… So the BarrJoinery team set about making one. 

A wooden frame, a wire mesh, some seriously skilled plasterwork and a lot of gold paint… and da daaa!! Then came all of the other beautiful pieces: cabinetry lined with Designer Guild wallpaper, a velvet custom made mirror (which was to be inlaid with Lee Broom Crystal lights) began to take shape in the workshop, making the whole place positively feminine; not something which has happened before!

The SLEEP exhibition this year was held at The Business Design Centre, Islington on 24th and 25th November. Dismantling, loading, unloading, reassembling and finishing the installation ready for the event was a round the clock team effort. Every detail was perfectly set - right down to the sumptuous bedding, in shades of mauve, and the beautifully plumped cushions.

BarrJoinery were proud to be a part of this prestigious event, to be associated with the sumptuous quilting of Cliq Designs, the glorious wallpaper of Designer Guild, great tiles from Design Works, fabulous flooring from Forbo,  stunning lighting of Lee Broom, and the exciting upholstery of Hossacks and Gray … we also LOVED being on the winning team!  The installation was further evidence that BarrJoinery really can make ANYTHING.  We are looking forward to a visit from the Shaun Clarkson ID team, who are going to spend the morning in our workshop to bring their own, hopefully smaller scale, designs to life…. No more golden eggs please.

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