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18th Nov 2020

Barr Group Design Collaborators - the lifeblood of our organisation.

Since its inception, the BarrJoinery team have worked with design collaborators from Oxfordshire, London and beyond. With commissions from the tailor-made cabinetry at the infamous Abbey Road Studios to that of the terrace bar at The Groucho Club for Absolut Elyx – the team have proved that anything is possible.


The vast majority of BarrJoinery projects, however, remain closer to home – in the form of whole house design-led cabinetry commissions. In these cases interior designers, such as Fiona Parke of Johnston Parke Interiors, Lara Clarke of Lara Clarke Interiors and Jamie Strachan of Hip Creative Consulting, have come to the Barr Group with their complete cabinetry vision for a property, working hand in hand with the team to bring it to life.

BarrJoinery specialises in the translation of concept boards, sketches or formal designs to technical drawings and into precision cabinetry. Over the years close relationships with stonemasons, metal workers, upholsterers and lighting specialists have developed - resulting in a mixed material's capability which makes breathing life into any commission possible.

The driving force behind BarrJoinery and BarrKitchens is Chris Leigh-Cattrall - who took the reigns earlier this year, working with the Barr Group Directors to ensure that process and collaborative working remain as important as exceptional cabinetry and joinery standards. Having spent 20 years in cabinetry design and project management, with close links to the Barr Group, it is Chris’ vision is to take every BarrJoinery and BarrKitchens collaborator on a journey – bringing their vision from drawing board to glorious reality!

Whether the project has been designed in-house or by a cherished collaborator one thing remains a constant - the BarrJoinery team are committed to the excellence of process and manufacture which leads to the very best project outcomes.

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