Aviation design standards at Hawk House

Moss Living’s considered blueprint for the Hawk House cabinetry offers aviation standard storage, precision engineering and a stunning aesthetic.

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Anna’s company Moss Living specialises in delivering exceptional interiors; seamlessly executed and always beautifully finished. Having long burnt a candle for interior design, Anna finally gave in to her creative yearnings and made the brave move from her successful marketing career into the world of interiors.

After training with the British College of Interior Design, where she developed strong technical skills, she has worked on some wonderful projects, expanding her portfolio and honing her client offering. Anna leads all of her clients’ work personally, recognising that their requirements are as unique as the design outcomes themselves.

At Hawk House, Anna worked closely with her clients, Ralph and Janine, on every last detail of the interior. The property is a stunning contemporary new build, with floor to ceiling glazing across the entire rear face of the house, giving spectacular views across the Oxfordshire countryside. Ralph, a pilot by profession, leans towards a well-ordered and perfectly-engineered aesthetic, which has the heavenly consequence of every room remaining unencumbered with clutter. It was clear from the beginning that made to measure cabinetry would be an integral part of the finished project. The ample proportions of each space lend themselves to the clean simple lines of built-in cabinetry and clever made-to-measure storage solutions.

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What do you love most about your job?

So many things! One is the people - I get to meet so many wonderful clients, all whom have such interesting backgrounds. When you design the interior of someone’s home, you have to develop a great working relationship with them, really getting under the skin of their tastes and aspirations. Client relationships often end up as lasting friendships, which is wonderful. The other thing I love almost as much as the people, is seeing a creative idea come to life. Often when I walk into a space, I have in my head what it could end up being, but I then need to take my clients on that journey so they can envisage it too. When it finally comes together and they walk into that space, it’s a fantastic feeling. Through tailoring the project approach for each individual client, the process becomes really enjoyable for everyone. My aim is to create interesting spaces which have longevity and functionality… as well as a stunning aesthetic; something I find really satisfying.

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“My favourite piece has to be the study library unit, it provides a beautiful backdrop to the room, set behind a traditional pedestal desk. From a functionality point of view, it’s really practical too.”
Anna Moss, Interior Designer

What was the client’s brief for the cabinetry at Hawk House?

Really to maximise the storage throughout the property but without compromising on design. The house doesn’t have a loft, and so we needed each room to work hard; housing not just everyday items, but those you may need to store for longer periods of time… bedding, files, Christmas decorations, etc.

What was your inspiration for the Hawk House interior scheme?

My inspiration came very much from the situation of the house. It’s set within an area of outstanding natural beauty, with uninterrupted views of the countryside reaching for miles into the distance. When designing the Hawk House interior we wanted it to connect with the outdoors, maximising the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. The views from the house very much acted as a visual backdrop, as if huge pieces of bespoke artwork.

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What special features did you include in the project cabinetry?

Within the living room, we wanted to conceal the television as my clients prefer to read in the evenings. Televisions can take up a large of amount of wall space and be quite imposing in a room. We designed a unit that looked like a sideboard, but that had a concealed top. At the touch of a button, the television rises out of the unit and tilts at the perfect angle. And when my clients wanted it out of sight, off it went back into the sideboard… you would never know it was there.

I also love the guest bedroom cabinetry. My clients wanted guests to feel welcome and to have enough space to put their belongings away if they were staying for the weekend. We designed an open walk-in wardrobe, with a space specially designed for a suitcase, with luggage bars to protect the cabinetry. There is also a bespoke tea and coffee station, so guests can enjoy their morning coffee on the balcony without having to leave their room.

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Which is your favourite piece and why?

It has to be the study library unit. It provides a beautiful backdrop to the room, set behind a traditional pedestal desk. From a functionality point of view, it’s really practical too. We designed purpose-built drawers for files to sit in, and importantly concealed space for the printer; hidden behind a door but with a pullout ledge for easy access.

What have been your favourite type of projects and why?

I love the challenge of heritage homes which really need some work. My style is very much ‘classic meets contemporary' and period properties really allow me to make the most of that.

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What's next for Moss Living?

I have some great projects on the go at the moment, including two period homes which are keeping me busy. I would also love to develop the Moss Interiors online shop further and hopefully run an interiors pop-up shop in the not too distant future.