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22nd Dec 2020

A Barrow Full of Christmas Cheer from all at the Barr Group.

Throughout this year the Barr Group values of ‘Doing things differently’ and ‘Embracing the challenge’ have truly come into their own and one thing has been abundantly clear... it is an extended organisational family of amazing people who keep the Barr Group heart beating. On every project, however large or small, a skilled dedicated team work closely with clients, architects, design collaborators, trusted specialists and suppliers to make the magic happen.

We thank you for joining us on this fantastic journey and send a huge scoop of Barr-Esque Christmas cheer to your and your families.

In order to make more magic in 2021, the Barr Group workshop and site teams will be recharging for two weeks, with the office will remain open until 24th December. We all look forward to returning with renewed vigour and enthusiasm on Monday 4th January.

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