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    born of a belief

    BarrJoinery Directors Stuart Barr and Josh Hudson met nearly 20 years ago when they studied at the Rycotewood College for joinery and cabinetry. After some years of learning the industry from completely different vantage points they brought their knowledge and experience together and in 2009 BarrJoinery was born. Their shared passion for detail and natural inclination to embrace a challenge (never afraid to "go against the grain") have been the basis on which BarrJoinery has grown.


    grown with passion

    Based on the premise that ‘anything is possible’ and the underlying principle of ‘attention to detail’, BarrJoinery have pushed the boundaries in the heritage, commercial and residential fields. Alongside doors and windows, gates and cabinets, in the BarrJoinery workshop, sit any number of interesting and unusual pieces. The Barrjoinery team are always ready for the next challenge.


    realising the vision

    With a dedicated in-house design team, BarrJoinery can take any project from sketch to completion, whether it be heritage listed joinery or a whole house of contemporary made to measure cabinetry. However just as often BarrJoinery take the architect, interior designer or client vision and using technical know-how and great workmanship bring it to life. 


    giving back

    BarrJoinery work with the careers departments of local schools to raise awareness of opportunities in the fields of joinery and cabinet making, skills which can lead to a wealth of opportunities in the workplace. Directors Stuart Barr and Josh Hudson trained as cabinetmakers and are extremely enthusiastic about their starting profession. If you are in the local area and would like us to come and speak or would like a member of the team to attend a careers event, please get in touch.