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born of a belief

BarrJoinery was set up by Founder and Director Stuart Barr, in response to the joinery and cabinetry requirements of Barr Group construction projects. Trained in precision cabinetry, at  Rycotewood College, Stuart struggled find the quality of craftsmanship required by his clients. The Barr Group values of 'attention to detail' and 'doing things differently' are the foundation on which BarrJoinery has been built and which remain central to its ethos. Joined recently by Operational Lead Chris Leigh-Cattrall, the team focus on bringing whole house cabinetry commissions to life, in collaboration with direct clients and design partnerships. 


grown with passion

Based on the premise that ‘anything is possible’ and the underlying principle of ‘attention to detail’, BarrJoinery have pushed the boundaries in the heritage, commercial and residential fields. Collaborating with a plethora of inspiring designers and architects, and incorporating specialist metal work, glazing and stone masonry, BarrJoinery work to any space-led, design-led or client-led commission. Always ready to tackle the next frontier, the BarrJoinery design studio and workshop team are dynamic, innovative and highly skilled.


realising the vision

With a dedicated in-house design team, BarrJoinery can take any project from sketch to completion, whether it be heritage listed joinery or a whole house of contemporary made to measure cabinetry. However just as often BarrJoinery take the architect, interior designer or client vision and using technical know-how and great workmanship bring it to life. 


giving back

BarrJoinery have been privileged to be involved with several charity organisations over the years, engaging in meaningful and rewarding community projects. Most recently a Barr Group team worked with the young person division of RAW-workshop, building a counselling work-space.  In addition, BarrJoinery works with local schools to raise awareness of opportunities in the fields of joinery and cabinet making, skills which can lead to a wealth of opportunities in the workplace.