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about us

At BarrJoinery there are no preconceived ideas or constraints, simply a strong experienced team and a can do attitude. Full house refits sit side by side with intricate hand carving, providing the BarrJoinery team with the challenge and variation on which they thrive and the products required to meet their customer's needs.


about us

BarrJoinery are proud of their skilled craftsmen in what has become a largely automated industry. Using traditional manufacturing techniques, together with passion and experience, BarrJoinery products are tailored to customers' specifications, whether a single handcrafted piece or dozens of perfectly formed casement windows.


about us

BarrJoinery designs according to the architectural character of a building and to the aesthetic desires of their clients. From conceptual work to detailed production drawings, the BarrJoinery team works with their clients, to specify each project down to the last detail.


about us

Whether replicating individual heritage items or creating new innovative designs, BarrJoinery works to exacting standards and to current European CE regulations. At BarrJoinery we aim to drive down U-Values to reduce heat loss. Our windows can feature argon filled units with warm edge spacer bar technology and offer the latest in low E coatings, which drive down actual U-Values. BarrJoinery advises on glazing options to suit each installation dependent on window design, solar factors, conduction and airflow, ensuring functionality without aesthetic compromise. BarrJoinery offers a range of security features to external joinery products including Secure by Design.


British Woodworking Foundation



about us

Our workforce is the lifeblood of our company. BarrJoinery aims to employ and retain the best people, training and promoting from within wherever possible and operating a thriving apprenticeship scheme. A named joiner will take ownership of each piece, allowing pride and passion to reflect in their work. Subcontractors and external suppliers, local wherever possible, are trusted members of the Barr extended family.

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